Prices quoted in our offer are expressed in CHF (Swiss Francs), ex-works, VAT not included, CH-8057 Zurich. Prices are subject to change, but no product will be shipped at an increased price without prior notification. Freight and insurance are to be paid by the customer. The Bank: Credit Suisse, CH-8058 Zurich-Flughafen.

Shipping information

Orders will be shipped by post or air parcel post and insured through LIPAL BIOCHEMICALS Ltd, unless instructed otherwise at the time of the order. Other services are e.g. EMS, Express service, Air freight (IATA). We reserve the right to make shipments of high value by air freight and to ship unstable products via EMS, other Express service and air freight.

Terms of payment

Terms: Net 30 days after the receipt of the product, unless agreed otherwise at the time of the order. In case of deferred payment, we charge 5 % interest. The products remain our property up to the settlement of the payment.


In case of any dispute the competent court is in Switzerland.


We reserve all rights on any product prepared or procedure developed in our laboratories. No license or immunity under any patent is granted or is to be implied by or from our sale of any material.

Quality, Warranty

All products sold by LIPAL BIOCHEMICALS Ltd are analysed by modern methods. An analytical data sheet is available for each delivery. Upon request, your specific requirement for quality control will be applied.


We guarantee the purity of our products according to the specifications on the analytical data sheet. In case of complaint, our products can only be returned with our approval. No product can be returned later than 30 days after receipt.

Product liability

All products of LIPAL BIOCHEMICALS Ltd are sold for laboratory use only. Our liability is limited to the replacement of products delivered by us. For improper handling and storage we cannot be held responsible. Claims for delayed or not delivered goods cannot be accepted. Any annulment requires our permission. We reserve the right to charge a fee on returned goods due to an ordering mistake for re-assaying and restocking.

Bulk quantities

For some of our products we produce quite larger quantities than marked in our catalogue. Please inquire regarding your specific needs, since we are able to offer substantial savings for larger quantities.

Custom synthesis

If you need products which are not listed in our catalog resp. homepage, please contact us, we are pleased to offer you all our know-how for a specific custom synthesis. However, no guarantee for delivery can be given and all orders are subject to successful batch.

Toxicity and hazards

We marked some products with hazardous warnings, according to the information available to us. Buyer has the responsibility to verify the hazard and to take any measure involved with the further handling.